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Thank you for your interest in Dent-O-Soft.

The trial version of Dent-O-Soft has all the functions of the software, with the limitation that it will operate for 60 days from the application install, and only on the computer that it will be installed.

Change in the computer hardware or the system date several days forward or backward, can cause the expiration of the trial version.

Even after the trial version expiration all of the data that you have saved (patients, appointments, bills, etc.) exist, and you can continue using them if you purchase Dent-O-Soft . With the purchase of the application you will also have the ability to run the application from a flash disk , in other computers, without installing Dent-O-Soft every time.

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Installation and Activation Instructions
  • If you have not already done so, create a user account.
    You will use the email and password we will send you, to activate Dent-O-Soft.
    If you don't see this e-mail in your inbox it may have been mistakenly flagged as spam and placed in your spam mail folder.
  • Click on the "Download!" button, to download the software on your computer
  • Install the software on your computer and activate it by entering the Email and Password .
  • Watch the videos where you can see the application features.
    These videos will be especially helpful in understanding the functions of the application.
If you have any problems during the installation or activation process, contact us through the support form.